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How we edit your home movies

How we edit your home movies; the Su Casa difference:

A step by step overview -

  1. Your home movie is brought into our nonlinear video editing system. This includes digitizing if your video is in an analog format (VHS, Hi 8, etc..).
  2. We carefully review your video, minute by minute, making notes and finding creative inspiration.
  3. All undesirable video is trimmed away, leaving only clean, smooth footage.
  4. Video enhancements are performed if necessary (color correction, image stabilization, etc..)
  5. Now we add the fun stuff; our Hollywood style intros, professionally designed custom titles, transitions and music.
  6. We review your video one more time and perform any final polishing, if needed.
  7. Your finished home movie is now ready to be rendered as a new video file, suitable for export to DVD.
  8. Next begins the DVD creation process - A custom menu must be designed including a main menu and a chapters menu containing all relevant links to key moments of your video.
  9. Your finished project is then "burned" onto writable DVD disc(s), suitable for play in your home DVD player.
  10. Once the disk(s) are made, we thermally print a title onto the top side of your disk(s) for your identification. (note*- Adhesive labels should be avoided on DVD disks due to the higher amount of heat produced by DVD players)
  11. The final step is to design a beautiful, custom DVD case reflective of your videos content and print on premium quality photo paper.

That's it, your finished video is ready to be shipped. The end result of this process is a unique and treasured keepsake you and your family will cherish always.

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