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Your Home Movies and Photo Slide Show Projects on DVD

DVD FAQs Your Su Casa DVD (Facts and Benefits)

Above is a Flash representation of sample DVD menus.

Interactive DVD menus are one of the many benefits to preserving your home movies and photo slide shows in digital, not only do they provide an easy way to navigate through the events you've captured over the years, but they also add an element of interest and entertainment to your project. The menu's background and chapter buttons can be created using your still images or even full motion video from your home movie, we then compliment the menu with music of your choosing.

  • The picture and sound quality of DVDs will not degrade over time the way videos on VHS do, which means your photos and video will look & sound great for generations to come
  • Easy to navigate menus with custom chapter points allowing you to watch what you want, when you want
  • Custom, professionally designed case for your DVD (more information and examples here...)
  • We use a thermal DVD printer to print the title of your home movie directly onto the disc, eliminating the risk of a label peeling up due to the higher heat produced by DVD players
  • DVDs can hold approximately 2 hours of video or 1,100 photos
  • DVDs are compact in design and easy to share with friends and family


Will the chapter points of my DVD match the events of my movie or will they be placed at regular intervals?
One of the benefits of having your home movies or photo slide shows on DVD is to be able to jump directly to what you want to watch without having to search for it. That is why the chapter points of your DVD will always be at appropriate places within your movie, for example, at the beginning of each separate event, or if it's a particularly long event there will be additional chapter points placed accordingly. Su Casa Productions will always strive to make your home movie editing or photo slideshow project as wonderful and entertaining as it can be, guaranteed.

Will the DVD play in my DVD player?
Most likely yes, we use DVD-R disks which are compatible with almost all newer DVD players, even if the manual says otherwise. If you are concerned about the compatibility of your player, we will happily mail you a sample disk so that you can be certain.

What will my DVD menu look like and how will it function?
We use professional DVD authoring software, so your DVD will look and function just like one bought from the store. The background of your DVD menu can be any photograph or video clip you choose, or we can choose something appropriate from our library. The main menu will consist of a background scene, music if you'd like, and custom made "Play" and "Chapters" buttons. The chapter menu(s) will have all your chapters laid out in chronological order as selectable buttons which can be created out of still frames or full motion video clips. See the Flash animation at the top of this page for some sample DVD menus.

How long will DVDs last vs. VHS tapes?
DVDs have an approximate "shelf life" of at least 100 years, and will not deteriorate over time and use the way VHS does. In a matter of a few years, analog tapes (VHS, VHS-C, Hi8 etc...) will show a noticeable loss in quality. The more you watch them, the worse it gets, and the faster it happens. The only way to truly preserve your analog videos is to transfer them to some sort of digital medium (DVD, miniDV, Digital 8), and the sooner the better.

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